A Powerful Antioxidant Formula Designed to Combat Free Radicals, Reduce Brain Inflammation, and Remove Toxins and Heavy Metals From Your Brain


Experience the Difference

There’s no shortage of antioxidant and detox supplements on the market.

So, here are 6 ways Optimal Antiox stands above the rest…


Not all formulations are created equal. 

Optimal Antiox is a superior formula that resulted from careful and deliberate research, and close attention to detail. 

We didn’t just add a bunch of nutrients and antioxidants to a capsule and leave it at that. 

Jordan took his time to identify the most premium and innovative ingredients.

And he landed on just the right ingredients and doses to support the detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals from your brain. 


Each of the ingredients come from premium sources. 

Sadly, to save money and cut corners, some companies use inferior, low-grade ingredients that often originate from contaminated sources. 

Thankfully, we don’t, and Optimal Antiox provides the highest-quality ingredients.


When designing Optimal Antiox, Jordan’s goal was to craft a unique combination of ingredients.

He wanted to put the best ingredients on earth into a precise “synergistic” formula.

This would mean the synergy between the ingredients would lead to even better results for you.

He succeeded, and Optimal Antiox produces the amazing synergistic effects that he was looking for.

You could try to take each of the nutrients alone.

But you wouldn’t benefit from the synergistic power they provide when combined together in Optimal Antiox.


Optimal Antiox uses the safest and most effective nutrients.

Every ingredient in Optimal Antiox has been rigorously tested for safety and widely considered safe to consume. 

They are also supported by decades of clinical research. 

5) 100% NATURAL & PURE

Optimal Antiox is made with 100% natural ingredients and extracts. Only the purest form of each ingredient is used. 

It’s also 100% non-GMO and gluten-free, and has no artificial preservatives, chemicals, fillers, heavy metals, or any other junk. 

All ingredients undergo strict and comprehensive lab testing to ensure they meet rigorous quality standards and purity. 


Optimal Antiox gives you the world’s healthiest ingredients in the most potent, bioavailable forms possible.

This means that your body actually recognizes the nutrients, absorbs them, and uses them. 

That way, your brain can soak them up like a sponge, and you actually experience benefits from taking them. 

Optimal Antiox synergistically combines an extensive array of nutrients and antioxidants that have positive effects on the brain’s detoxification process.

The nutrients and antioxidants are known to raise glutathione levels, making it helpful for supporting phase II detoxification.

It’s also designed to combat free radicals, aid in the production of metallothionein, and help the brain detoxify harmful chemicals, including heavy metals, excess copper, alcohol, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs.

Many of the nutrients in Optimal Antiox are also known to reduce stress and anxiety, promote the formation of new brain synapses, and improve cognitive functioning.

When taken with N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), L-Leucine prevents mercury from being reabsorbed into the central nervous system.

The vitamin E in Optimal Antiox is 60% gamma, mixed tocopherols.

Lipoic acid regenerates vitamins E and C, and supplies sulfur for detoxification.

This powerful formula also provides the well-researched antioxidants green tea, grape seed extract and curcumin.

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take two capsules per day with meals, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Unique Features of Optimal Antiox

  • Lipoic Acid regenerates vitamins E and C in this formula so they can have long-acting antioxidant activity. It also provides SH (sulfhydryl groups) that protect against metal toxicity, including iron and copper.
  • Vitamin E protects cell membranes from oxidative destruction and retards the breakdown of cell membranes. Literature shows that vitamin E can reduce the toxic effects of mercury. Vitamin E also reduces chromosomal breakage and has sulfhydryl-protective abilities.
  • Selenium helps make glutathione enzymes needed for detoxification of harmful chemicals. This is the primary nutrient for binding mercury to allow for its excretion. Selenium also enhances the antioxidant abilities of vitamin E.
  • The zinc and selenium are bound to methionine, which aids the synthesis of metallothionine - the important zinc binding protein, known to aid in the removal of heavy metals such as cadmium. Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid involved in phase II detoxification.
  • Polyphenols from grape seed extract and green tea have been shown to protect against iron and copper toxicity by chelating them.

Join the Optimal Movement and Become Unstoppable

Jordan is on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million people by 2040. And we believe that Optimal Antiox can be a powerful catalyst in making that happen.

By giving you the nutrients and antioxidants you need to protect your brain from toxins and heavy metals, Optimal Antiox can help you optimize your brain function and better handle anything that life throws your way.

We want your brain to be functioning optimally, so you can be unstoppable and live your best life. If Optimal Antiox can play a small or large role, then we’d be delighted.

The most intelligent investment you’ll ever make is investing in your brain health and cognitive function. 

The stress of modern life keeps accelerating, but the solutions are accelerating along with it. 

Optimal Antiox is a solution worth grabbing.